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Home Based Business Success

Home Based Business Success
© Copyright 2004, Cynthia McArdle

What is your number one goal when starting your home based business? Financial freedom, freedom with your time and of course feeling a sense of accomplishment. How do we obtain these goals. I think that is the question.

– First and foremost understand that obtaining these goals does not happen overnight. If you understand this going in, you can avoid those feelings of doubt when you begin. Trust me at some point, we all feel like – oh boy what have I gotten myself into ….

– Your attitude, persistence and of course the product or service that you are offering. This is another huge aspect in becoming successful. Have a positive attitude. When you have confidence in what you are doing and believe in yourself, this will show in everything that you do. Be persistent don’t give up. If your try one thing and that doesnt work don’t get discouraged move on to your next idea. You will come accross something that works. Finally make sure you do your research on the product or service you are offering. Knowledge is power! When someone asks you a question you want to be able to answer that question and know that you are giving the correct answer. This is very important in building a strong customer base.

– Set realistic goals for yourself – Your first goal is to understand being successful is not going to happen overnight. (We touched on earlier) One of your first goals should be: I want my business to grow each month. Business growth is a sign that your business is becoming successful. This is where you measure your level of success

– Your customer base is probably one of the most important parts of obtaning all of your goals. Remember this – Customers are the key to your success. A committment to meeting your customer needs is key. When starting out, your customers are your best tool in getting the word out about you and your business. An example, when a customer orders from me, I always send out a thank you card along with my business card. This is such an inexpensive way of connecting with your customer. If they are happy with you and your product, they will send business your way

– Creativity – Be creative and unique – There is alot of competition out there. Especially when your home based business is one that several others are doing and wanting to accomplish the same goals as yourself. Set yourself apart from everyone else. Brainstorm ideas. Offer some uniqueness. I will touch more on this in an upcoming article

– Most important love what you are doing. I can’t stress enough how important it is for your customers to believe in you. You are their main source and you represent the product or service you are offering. Always have fun with what you are doing.

^ Cindy ^

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