Promote your business with a business button!

There are only 3 spaces available for this type of advertising. First-come-first-served. Each button is a Site-Wide Button and will show up on all pages of the website.

* Any business can advertise their button.
* You don’t have to be a direct selling business to put your button on the site.
* Only 1 button per business or business opportunity will be posted at a time.
(Direct Selling Business Opportunities reservses the right to refuse to advertise any button for any reason. Typically this would be due to content not suitable for all viewers.)

  • Location 1 is located just below “Stuff to Read” – Left Margin
  • Location 2 is located on the right inside margin at the top.
  • Location 3 is located on the right outside margin at the top.

  • Button Availability:
    Location Available
    #1 Sept 1, 2015
    #2 Now, 2015
    #3 Now, 2015

    Fees for Button advertising are as follows:
    1 month – $25.00
    3 months – $60.00
    6 months – $100.00

    If you would like to advertise with us, please e-mail your 125x125px button to info@directsellingbusinessopportunities.com
    Then return here to make your payment using paypal.

    Thanks so much! We appreciate your business!

    Site Wide Button

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