Advertise as a Featured Seller

As a Featured Seller on Direct Selling Business Opportunities you will have the exclusive listing for your company.

What You Get:

  • You will receive a full page ad with up to 3 pictures included.
  • You supply the text and pictures and we will create the page for you.
  • Any links you would like to include to your e-mail, store, referral site, facebook page, twitter page and personal business website or blog will be included. (Up to 5 links)
  • You will also receive a code that entitle you to 75% off your advertising on the Job Board. For the period you decide to be a featured seller.
  • Fees for this service are as follows:
    $50.00 per month
    $120.00 per 3 month period
    $200.00 for 1/2 year
    $300.00 for a full year
    (Visit the DSBO Facebook Page for any current specials)You will be billed for the period you decide to advertise. No refunds. Payment will be expected within 24 hours of your advertisement being published (going “Live”) to our website. (Ongoing collaboration will take place during creation of your ad. We want you to be happy with it!)

    As a featured seller, each month you will be entered into a drawing to have your ad/page placed on the front page of the DSBO website. This drawing is only open to current featured sellers. The drawing is done on the 1st day of each month and the winner will have their ad displayed on the front page (typically) within 24 hours.

    Additionally, as the “current featured seller” for your specific business opportunity, you will be given the option first to renew your ad before making it available to others. If at that time you decide not to renew, your ad/page will be removed and the spot will be available to anyone else.

    For more information or to get started as a featured seller, please e-mail: with the words: FEATURED SELLER in the title.



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