Direct Selling Business Opportunities
Seeks Individuals to List their Business.

  • Be a Featured Seller
    As a featured seller you will have the only listing for your company as a Featured Seller.


  • Business Button Advertising
    There are multiple opportunities for button advertising.
    Buttons can show up on every page of the Website.


List your business in any of our directories.

  • State Directory – List your business opportunity in the state where you live. (This category is for “Direct Selling” businesses only. For example, Avon, Tupperware, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc)


  • Oversea’s Military Directory – If you (or your spouse) are in the military and are also a direct seller this is the place to advertise.


  • International Directory – Not in the United States?  That’s OK.  We want you listed on our website too.



  • Other Business Listing – Open to anybody with a personal business. Whether you are a direct seller (not MLM) , or small business owner, marketing coach or blog owner. List your business here.


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